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VIZOR: Confluence of Data and Sports Marketing

VIZOR, which was launched on the Torch Software Platform is dedicated to developing multimedia integrated marketing platforms for sports marketing. VIZOR was developed by Torch Research, an advanced computing firm, to provide companies with situational and marketing awareness. It is a modern approach to acquiring and activating market data.

Vizor creates an ecosystem to view competitors, suppliers and partners that allows you to visualize connection points and relevance. It helps businesses understand how the market works and tracks how and when brands are communicating and marketing in your space. VIZOR finds and connects you to buyers, and alerts you to how and when are buyers making decisions. It helps you elevate and adjust your marketing by showing what is working. 

Target your advertising and content marketing with a competitive advantage, and track changes in the marketplace. Empower agencies and employees with a better understanding of the landscape to make better, faster decisions.

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